FlashProtest a demonstration strategy

FlashProtest a demonstration strategy to avoid police and riot police action.

A FlashProtest strategy is a group of people who suddenly come together in a public place to demonstrate and then quickly disintegrate. FlashProtest is organized through modern means of communication like Mobile phone, iPad, PC, etc. by Telegram group FlashProtest. The number of participants is not predetermined; the more participants, the more successful the FlashProtest.Demonstration

How does that work now:

An announcement on Telegram of a demonstration in a village, municipality or city.

  • Scattered participants gather in the announced village, municipality or city, so no park or field, no, just in the entire area. Minimum person or family distance +/- 25 meters.
  • By Telegram FlashProtest, sections in the village, municipality or city are called on to protest briefly at a specific location, such as by blockades at intersections or roads.
  • After police and riot police arrive at the protest location, protest action at this location is lifted by allowing participants to quickly disperse and (again) await a new Telegram FlashProtest call for short-lived protest for the same or different area.
  • Telegram FlashProtest simultaneously calls for protest for another part of the demonstration.
    The police and riot police must move to this new protest location.
  • As soon as they arrive, the location is quietly left again, so that the police again cannot molest, intimidate or arrest people.

One does not demonstrate all in one place.

Because the demonstrators do not gather en masse, but occupy positions scattered throughout the city or village and only operate in smaller temporary groups, the chance of intervention by the police and riot police is minimized. Information is exchanged and reported via Telegram, as soon as demonstrators dissolve their group by spreading, they report this via Telegram. The protest leader immediately calls on an alternative group to assert their protest there, because the police and ME will continue to guard and monitor the protest that has now been canceled. The FlashProtest coordinator can more easily direct multiple groups / locations in cities to demonstrate, the larger the area and number of participants, the more difficult it will be for enforcers to end the protest.

People who want to apply this technique of demonstrating via FlashProtest must register as a user at FlashProtest, so that they can use the chat channel to coordinate their city, village or municipality demonstration action. Due to the large distribution area, it is no longer possible to enclose and / or arrest all demonstrators.

Everyone is free to use this technique for free for their protests.

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